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Sindhu: Southasian INter-Disciplinary HUmanities is an independent academic journal for scholars working on South Asian concerns. It is an initiative to help the scholars share their work on new and unconventional themes with a contemporary approach and views that are not necessarily supported by established institutions and academic publications. This journal focuses on the gap between dissenting voices and the establishment in academia in all the South Asian nations. It intends to become a platform for encouraging researchers working on redefining research questions pertaining to South Asia. It also aims to expand the academic discourse within South Asia by including significant research being conducted on South Asia outside the region so as to let the international work become a part of the regional discourses too. For complete details, About the Journal.

Current Issue

Vol. 2 No. 1 (2022): Being Queer: LGBTIQA Identities in South Asia.

This issue of SINDHU seeks to delve into the ways in which trans and queer identities have been mobilized yet continue to be marginalized in different ways.


Guest Editor: Anu Kuriakose

Safe Space: A Study of Queer Spaces in OTT , research article by Roshni P

‘Colour’ing the Rainbow: Exploring the Intersectionality of Caste and Class in Geeli Pucchi research article by Neethu Das K.

“Celebrate Yourself”: Paras Dogra Interviewed by Anu Kuriakose

The Female OnlookerA Poem originally written in Malayalam by Vijayarajamallika (Translated to English by Jintu Alias)

A Witch Like You by Shruti Sareen - Review by Supriya Daniel

Published: 11-08-2022
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