SINDHU: Southasian INter-Disciplinary HUmanities


Call for Articles

Special Issue: South Asian Fiction – International Impact

Guest Editor: Dinesh Kumar


Sindhu is an independent academic space for scholars exploring South Asian concerns to share their work on emerging and unconventional themes with a contemporary approach and views that are not necessarily supported by established institutions and academic publications. This journal focuses on the gap between dissenting voices and the establishment in academia in all the South Asian nations. It intends to become a platform for encouraging researchers working on redefining research questions pertaining to South Asia. It also aims to expand the academic discourse within South Asia by including significant research being conducted on South Asia outside the region so as to let the international work and perspectives become a part of the regional discourses too.


For a forthcoming issue of Sindhu, we invite articles related to the study of South Asian fiction to examine its specificities of expressions that make it deserving of international attention in the form of awards and accolades, especially the likes of the Man Booker Prize. The articles could explore questions such as: what makes these works deserving of international applause? How do they play to the expectations of the international market? What is their impact on the way the world looks at South Asia? How do they represent South Asian concerns and cultures? How do they configure nations and critique of nationhood in the stories they tell? How do they create counter-spaces on the basis of complex identities and locations such as hybridity, gender indeterminacy, subalternity, exile, and so on?  Do they pose counternarratives to mainstream/Western notions of being? Authors of the articles/submissions are expected to handle these questions while exploring the craft/narrative of the texts they choose.



  1. Submission of abstracts: 30 May 2021
  2. Correspondence regarding acceptance of abstracts: 15 June 2021
  3. Submission of final papers: 30 June 2021


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Submissions outside this theme are also welcome for consideration in regular issues. These might be considered for the regular section in the same issue or upcoming issues.