“Celebrate Yourself”

Paras Dogra Interviewed by Anu Kuriakose


  • Anu Kuriakose


interview, primary source, coming out, poetry


Paras Dogra’s poetry is representative of a fight. It touches the reader, and makes them reflect on identity, desire, gender, and much more. As you finish reading the poem, ‘I am A Man,’ you would be pondering the complexities of gender and desires individuals are capable of. The poem ultimately constructs the self-portrait of a proud gay transgender individual who articulates powerfully. The poem definitely requires societal attention, as it asserts the existence of same-sex loving transgender individuals in the society we live in. Hailing from Sholayur (Border of Kerala-Tamil Nadu states in India), Paras Dogra self identify as a same-sex loving/gay transman. He is a graphic designer, digital illustrator, and a professional 2D animator apart from working as an English teacher at a school.


This interview was conducted through email exchanges over a couple of weeks in March-April 2022.

Author Biography

Anu Kuriakose

Anu Kuriakose teaches at the School of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences in SRM University, Andhra Pradesh.




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