Jhootha Sach: Yashpal’s Lahore and Mine


  • Dr. Shabnam Syed Khan


yashpal, lahore, 1947-partition, One-Nation or Two-Nations Theory,, self-transformation, alternative-reality


In Yashpal’s novel Jhootha Sach, the pre-1947 Lahore and its residents are the metaphors of the loss of home and identity of the people who were displaced during the1947 Partition of Indian Subcontinent. The mind-transforming contents of Jhootha Sach are the inspiration behind the interconnected literary (Jhootha Sach: Yashpal’s Lahore and Mine) and visual (Lahore becomes my own / It was only a matter of changing my position of gazing) composition I call the “Mindful App.” Using “Yashpal’s Lahore” as the symbolic unit of analysis, the “Mindful App” as a cathartic and mind-transforming tool is designed as an invitation to warring Indians and Pakistanis to understand the alternative realities they harbor about the 1947 Partition. Just as Yashpal has hoped for communal harmony in “Jhootha Sach,” the “MindfulApp” is also put together to spur an empathetic view of both the One-Nation or the Two-Nations Theory among the chronically estranged Indians and Pakistanis.

Author Biography

Dr. Shabnam Syed Khan

Dr. Shabnam Syed Khan, former Visiting Professor and Teaching Fellow at Harvard University, has a Doctorate from Harvard University, and Masters from Massachusetts College of Art and Design. She has taught in different universities in Pakistan. Her education in history, human development, history, art and design forms the backdrop of her interdisciplinary approach to teaching, learning, and her unconventional art-based research and research-based art practice, which she employs in her teaching and presentations at conferences, and lately for publication.  Currently she is Visiting Professor at the Beaconhouse National University, Lahore, Pakistan, and practices wellness and lifestyle counseling.




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