Review Process

A word about our review process

We follow double blind peer review process. The author's identity is not revealed to the peer reviewer and vice versa.

The peer reviewer submits feedback as per the following criteria:

  1. Relevance of the research question and/or argument
  2. Establishment of the significance of the research at the outset
  3. Clarification of the premises
  4. Sound methodology that explains how the argument/conclusion draws from the premises
  5. Whether the question and argument are strongly reflected in the abstract and the introduction

Peer reviewers are not encouraged to leave general comments. They are expected to specify what is missing and why it is relevant to the paper especially when it comes to the literature review or coverage of existing research in a given article.

We believe:

  1. Your work is important to the South Asian fraternity and knowledge production in general – especially if it concerns unexplored themes like hierarchies within the academia
  2. No one’s article is explored to be rejected. If it is not accepted as it is, suggestions are provided regarding making it better.
  3. Editors are here to work with the authors – rather than judge them or evaluate them.